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#23 GYM Date: Feb 2nd @ 6:18pm EST
What I do in the gym

All my workouts are divided into 3 parts ..
The first part is legs and shoulders! The coach told me that there are no muscles in the shoulders at all and that they need to be emphasized

The second part of training is chest and biceps! I do a lot of different exercises and it seems I am getting progress gradually

The third part is the back and triceps!
Do not forget to run 1 km before training and sometimes do a cardio workout once a week
Also after training I drink protein (casein)

I wish I would return to boxing again

#22 Finland Date: Feb 2nd @ 6:12pm EST
Hey !
A week ago I went with my parents to Finland! The purpose of the trip was to renew the visa to Europe for a future trip in March! I have been to this country 4-5 times already, but every time I wonder how clean and pleasant they have in the cities! I highly recommend this country if you want to try delicious meat and dairy products! everything is natural and tasty there! Relatively inexpensive! By the way, the road takes only 3 hours (unless you are detained at the border for a long time)

And now work work work !

Hugs guys!
#21 My opinion about a trip to Israel:) Date: Jan 9th @ 10:32am EST
During my trip to Israel there was sunny weather, but it was cool, 18-20 degrees Celsius! I visited Jerusalem, in many museums, near the Wailing Wall ... Tel Aviv made a great impression on me. It became like large American cities such as New York or Chicago ... a lot of high rise buildings and modern buildings ... A couple of times I still managed to swim in the sea, but I didnât get a tan, because the weather was not hot ...hehe

A little story happened to me there, but I will tell you about them personally ... Now I have only work ahead and a little study .. I miss everyone and want to meet again


#20 Israel Date: Dec 30th @ 1:22pm EST
Hello guys !!
I decided to celebrate the New Year holidays in Israel .. I arrived well, its 20-24 degrees Celsius and I have two excursions at once .. I hope after them Ill make some nice photos and Ill go swimming... heheh

Miss you
See you soon

#19 My plans for 2020 Date: Dec 10th @ 8:19pm EST
I want to plan my actions for next year, because this one is almost over. By the way, this year I did 95% of everything I dreamed about! It's good!

So, I plan ..

- Become one of the top models from Russia, reach a new level of earnings and find many new people here.... I plan to earn 7-8 thousand dollars a month for mu future businees!!
- New car from $ 20,000
- Visit at least 5 countries in 2020
- Get a couple tattoos and put veneers
- Stably go to the gym and build muscle up to 73 kg
- Raise English level one more level!!!
- If there is time and opportunity, find a partner

i think thats all

Hehe ,
Just do it!!

#18 Performer Deals Date: Nov 25th @ 6:28pm EST
I have performer deals! Be sure to drop by and see what unique offers I have for you for private shows! I think they will definitely interest you. For each show there is a gift from 5 to 45 minutes of free moments in private with me:):)

Hugs and kiss!
#17 Fan Club Date: Nov 25th @ 6:19pm EST
Hello everyone !!

I want to remind you that I have a Fan Club, in which there are my unique photos, which I am sure you will like, you also get a unique color in my room and more favorable conditions for private shows!
Admission costs 400 credits per month!

#16 Twitter Date: Nov 19th @ 6:27pm EST
Hello everyone!! How is going?

I have a good news ! I created my new account in twitter!


Follow me:):)
#15 A little about me and what I'm doing now Date: Oct 29th @ 9:25pm EDT

I have been actively on this site for about 5 months already ... I had a month off (vacation) and now I'm here again! I am still 21 years old and I live in Moscow, but often visit St. Petersburg. I have the last year at the university and from then on I will have a lot of doors and freedom open. Plans to move a sudden country and work there. I have a second job - I'm a programmer, Java developer.:):):)

I have already outlined a new trip for myself, on New Year's holidays I will leave for Israel for a week - in the sun .. It will be after December 29

During this time, I found many interesting people and very cool interlocutors. It's pretty nice to be here

I ask everyone how my cat-- everything is fine with her, she is already very big, eats a lot and sleeps a lot. She is a little aggressive and often scratched, but at the same time she loves me

If you have questions personally to me, then come talk and Iâm always glad to see everyone

Thanks and i hope to see you soon:)
#14 I am back Date: Oct 2nd @ 5:27pm EDT
I returned from vacation, I will often be online, I miss you all, I want to know everything about everyone

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